Wayfinder? What is that? - An introductory walk in Hills 1 and 3 with Fabian (Nov 26, 4 pm)

(Photo: Acrux Wana)

You've seen it in the news: it's still there. Bukit Brown is still there!!!

And now there is something called "Wayfinder" - so people can find their own way. But finding their way where? A cemetery? What is the fuss all about? Just go, pray, leave. What else is there to do? And if you ancestor is not there - why go visit a cemetery????


Bukit Brown - it's actually MORE than just another cemetery, and MORE than just abandoned tombs. And thankfully - you do not have a shopping centre crowd here, or a Universal Studio queue! So as the weekend winds down, come find out why some of us spend hours at the weekends sharing this with you! Come for a Beginner's Guide to Bukit Brown, and listen to Fabian share the history of the place, see what stories the old stones can tell, look at some of the material culture found here, listen to the real sounds of birds and even get to admire some real "super trees!"

This is called an "introductory tour" because there is more focus on the history, heritage and culture found in Bukit Brown. Other walks are more thematic, and will focus more on the stories and ideas of people found in Bukit Brown.

Bukit Brown - where stories never cease...


The guided walk starts at 4.00 pm and will end before 7.00 pm

Meeting Point: Meeting Point B. See map below (click on "Read More"). More instructions and photos at http://bukitbrown.com/main/?p=10124

Please take note:

1. We will be walking through the undergrowth so dress appropriately, especially your footwear.
2. Wear light breathable clothing. Long pants and long sleeves if you are prone to insect bites or sunburn. Bring sunblock and natural insect repellent.
3. Wear comfortable non-slip shoes as safety is important. Walking sticks are recommended.
4. Do read up on Bukit Brown before going so you have a better understanding of the place (e.g. http://www.bukitbrown.com)
5. Do bring water, light snacks, poncho/umbrella, sunhat and waterproof your electronics.
6. Please go to the toilet before coming. There are NO facilities anywhere there or nearby.

Disclaimer: By agreeing to take this walking tour of Bukit Brown Cemetery, you understand and accept that you must be physically fit and able to do so.To the extent permissible by law, you agree to assume any and all risk of injury or bodily harm to yourself and persons in your care (including child or ward)
Bukit Brown was on the World Monuments Watch list 2014 . Find out what makes this a heritage site worthy of preserving. http://bukitbrown.com/main/?p=7930

"We guide rain or shine"

Bukit Brown. More than a cemetery. More than a Chinese cemetery. Come discover our habitat, heritage, history. Construction works have started. Many areas have been cordoned off.

How to get there and handy tips here:





How to get there by MRT / Bus:

Bus services available: 52, 74, 93, 157, 165, 852, 855.

From North: Go to Marymount MRT and walk to bus-stop #53019 along Upper Thomson Road. Take Buses 52, 74, 165, 852, 855
Alight 6 stops later at bus-stop, #41149, opposite Singapore Island Country Club (SICC), Adam Road. Walk towards Sime Road in the direction of Kheam Hock Road until you see Lorong Halwa.

From South: Go to Farrer Road MRT and walk to bus-stop #11111 at Farrer Road, in front of Blocks 2 & 3. Take Buses 93, 165, 852, 855. Alight 5 stops later at bus-stop, #41141, just before Singapore Island Country Club (SICC), Adam Road. Cross the bridge, walk towards Sime Road, follow the road until you see Lorong Halwa.

From Botanic Gardens MRT - Walk out to Botanic Gardens Station bus-stop #41021 on Bukit Timah Road. Take Buses 151, 156 or 170A for 2 stops till Coronation Plaza. Cross over the overhead bridge to the bus-stop Opp Coronation Plaza bus-stop #41049 on Dunearn Road. Take Buses 74, 157, 852 for 3 stops and alight at Bef SICC on Adam Road bus-stop #41141. Cross the road on the overhead bridge to Sime Road (the portion across the street). Follow the road until you see Lorong Halwa.

By car:
Turn in from Lornie Road, to Sime Road. Then, turn left into the second road called Lorong Halwa New Cemetery Access (see map), where parking is limited along the roadside near the meeting point. The meeting point is at the platform at the start of Block 1. Try to use public transport to get there.

Meeting Point: Meeting point B.

Sun Nov 26, 2017
4:00 PM - 6:30 PM SGT
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Bukit Brown Cemetery
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Bukit Brown Cemetery, Lorong Halwa Singapore
Bus services available: 52, 74, 93, 157, 165, 852, 855.
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